Where do I begin?…


He says, ‘Be Still, and know that I am God;…’

PSALM 46:10A

One of the many questions that I receive and have received from both ladies and gents – family, friends, classmates, some whom I don’t know, is ‘How do you read the Bible?’ or ‘How do I start?’ –Where do I begin?!

I believe that this is a struggle that many believers have, both ladies and guys, young and old- Bible reading seems to be that one thing that weigh us down and bothers us to the point that we begin to second guess our faith.

I had initially planned to share with you some tips and different study methods I use to read my Bible, but I believe what I will share here can be a starting point and an eye-opener for both you and me.

Declutter – Be Still.

Today morning, I woke up and I just felt the need to de-clutter my mind, and the Spirit of God led me to Psalm 46:10 and a study I had printed out based on that scripture. The study is all about being still – taking time to be quiet, to silence your heart and mind and drawing near to God. Leaning into His presence and letting him speak to you as you listen in.

Before both you and I can begin to comprehend the spiritual benefits that come with taking time to just breathe…, the physical benefits are also worth mentioning. The tension in your muscles slowly begin to ease; the tension in the temples of your head begin to ease as you deep breaths send a message to your brain that it’s time to relax.

The spiritual benefits are amazing as well- you get to experience God’s presence where he showers you with peace and rest.

But how does this apply to your Bible Reading?

Well, I realized that many of us; including myself, when we want to read our Bibles, we begin to do so when we have quite a lot on our minds; stuff that weighs us down or when we’re swamped with work. We then open our Bible and we don’t even know where to begin- so much writing and a whole lot of words.

That was me last night; after a long week in school, I was exhausted. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to read my Bible because my mind was very tired and felt like it couldn’t take in much more information.

But that is not what the Bible is for – of course we learn new things like the history of the Israelites, their culture and whatnot. But essentially the Word Of God; like I said last week, is a love letter from us to God and when we open it and read, we meet God and He meets us where we’re at.

It’s filled with scripture that speaks to our current situation and gives us encouragement, comfort, counsel, hope, peace, love and so much more. It draws us to closer to God where it points us to Him and tells us, “Hey…close your eyes…relax and enjoy God’s presence…”. It says, “Tired?? I got you. All I want from you is to let go whatever that’s bothering you so that I can hold you in my arms where you find rest. ”


Today, as you read your Bible, may God meet you where you’re at.

Today, oh how I pray that as you sit to read to read your Bible, the first thing that you do isn’t ask , “Which chapter, which book…where do I start from?…” but you come into God’s presence and just be still – to meet with God and for Him to meet you where you’re at.

When you come into God’s presence, and you choose to be still; choose to rest…you step into his presence. You step into his peace & love. You connect with the deepest core of your being and let go whatever is burdening you.

Being still sets the tone for your quiet time and how it’s going to go. 


Then, and only then, are you able to receive from God and receive the message that is in His word that will be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Then, and only then my friend.

Because a cluttered mind & spirit cannot receive from God. It’s like having your fist closed and expecting someone to come and give you a gift. How can you receive a gift with a closed fist? You have to open up your fist, right? Then how can you receive God’s gift with a cluttered mind?

You cannot receive from God with a cluttered mind & spirit.”


I pray today, that this truth will sink into our spirits. That we won’t have a perspective that is carnal but one that always points us to Jesus. And if you’re worried about giving Jesus your clutter and mess, honey, he already knows it.

He knew it and still loves you and wants you.

So enter into his presence, be still and receive His rest.


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