Ready to be a woman in The Word?

Are you ready to ditch the laziness and complacency when it comes to Bible Reading and become a woman in the Word everyday?


The Word is Our Source of Identity & Power...

The Bible is God’s Love letter to us, and in it we find truth, hope and instruction on how to live lives that honour God. It is also in this book that you discover who God really is, and as a result, who you are as a WOMAN and as a daughter of God.

But more often than not, we struggle in this area:

Not only do we experience spiritual attacks, but we have bought into the lie that the discipline of bible reading is something that cannot be achieved.

And that is why the enemy doesn’t want you in the Word. He will stop at nothing to ensure that you don’t read the word of God, and that you remain in a state of lacking knowledge leading to spiritual stagnation and powerlessness.

He knows that if you get into the Word, you will discover your authority as a believer; and discover who you are as a Daughter of God, releasing chaos on the Kingdom of darkness.


We are taking Back our Authority and Identity as Women of God and Rooting Ourselves in the Word of God!

The UnScripted Bible Challenge

A challenge to be in the Word, every single day, becoming women in and of the word.

Here’s How It Works!

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Because on the last Friday of the month, we will meet to have Bible Study to share what we have been learning, and this will be done in the small groups, which are groups of 3-8 ladies established in different locations in and outside Nairobi with the sole purpose of growing in the word as a community.


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"I was motivated to be in the Word everyday and aim to be better in my devotional life."

The 2021 March Bible plan really helped me. I wasn’t doing so well in my devotional life and through it I was able to kind of go back to where I was before. Reading about the faithfulness of God was really refreshing. I got to remind myself that He is good no matter what, He fulfills His promises and He is very loving . As this was my first reading plan to use, ticking the boxes next to the verses motivated me to do it everyday , it made me feel proud of myself for actually reading God’s word everyday and aiming to be better in my devotional life.


Study the word everyday


Unlimited Faith based encouragement & community

Accountability to help you grow


Sign up for the Bible challenge and get these 3 FREE RESOURCES that will assist you in your journey of becoming a woman in the word.


This is a short guide that teaches and equips you on how to make your time with God intentional, purposeful and fruitful using 3 simple steps.


A bible reading guide filled with questions & prompts to ask yourself, helping engage with the word, understanding the message of the scripture and how to apply it to your daily life.


We have created a scripture plan for each book that we will be studying to assist you to read through the selected book of the bible with ease and consistency.

Meet the lady begind the challenge

Hello, I'm Renee!

For the longest time, every morning, I would wake up, open up my Bible to spend time in the word, but I didn’t know where to begin! I would waste time trying to figure out what to read, and even at times I would avoid figuring it out and would end up not reading my Bible at all.

One day the Holy Spirit rebuked me and told me, ‘Renee, this is not about your feelings of not wanting to read the Word; this is laziness.” And at that moment, something in me shifted.

From that day onwards, each day, the Holy Spirit challenged me each day to be in the word and I can attest that I have grown in this area and as a result, my faith has grown!

I would like to extend the same challenge to you: to partner with the Holy Spirit and myself and challenge yourself to pick up the Bible and be in the word everyday!


You've got questions? We have answers!

The challenge officially begins this month of June (2022) and we start by reading our first book on the 20th June.

There is no end date to this challenge as the aim to grow in the area of bible reading and slowly become consistent and disciplined

Yes it is! There is nothing that you are required to purchase to join the challenge – all you need to do is sign up!

You are free, however, to purchase any product from our shop that will supplement and help you become rooted in the word.

Yes! We will be reading the select book of the Bible TOGETHER, that is, the entire UnScripted Community.

I want to encourage you and challenge you by telling you that reading the word of God is not another difficult task you are adding onto your already very busy schedule – reading the word is when you meet with the love of your soul.

It is where you come to God with all that’s goin on in your life, lay it down and get your faith & spirit built up.

It is where you discover the mysteries of God and learn more about Him, building an intimate friendship with God.

Yes, it requires time. yes it requires sacrifice and pro-activity, but the investment is worth it. And, the results are worth much more.

So, I encourage you sis, join the challenge, even if it means setting aside 30 minutes every day, do so.

To sign up, simply scroll down to find the sign up form and join the challenge! It’s that easy!

ready to Join the Challenge?

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