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Favorite Tools & Freebies

Have a look at the tools I use to grow & strengthen my faith and check out our resources made just for you & grab a hold of a few freebies!

Tools for the Faith

These are the free tools that I personally use to grow my faith and strengthen my walk with God.

There were quite a number but I have narrowed them down to them to my favourites and those which have impacted me in a big way, and I know they will do the same for you.

You Version

I use YouVersion to grow my faith through their various bible and topical plans, devotionals as well as their daily bible verses.

If you’re interested in this resource, which will help you build your bible reading habit, you should definitely download the app.


I use Abide to help me in my prayer & quiet time, when I want to spend time meditating on the word or when I need some form of encouragement.

You can listen to the meditations from the app by downloading it from here or click the button below to listen to the meditations from YouTube.

She Reads Truth Bible

I started using the She Reads Truth Bible in 2020 and I absolutely love it. It is filled with devotions, bible reading plans, maps, space for Journaling and so much more.

It has motivated me to keep being in the Word every day and I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested, you can check it out on the She Reads Truth website and order it from amazon (it is cheaper to get it from amazon).

The Bible Project

BibleProject is a nonprofit ed-tech organization and animation studio that produces 100% free Bible videospodcastsblogsclasses, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

When I was stuck trying to understand the context or purpose of a book, I would watch the Bible project’s animation videos, which not only gave me deeper insight, but motivated to be in the word.

I highly recommend you check them out and take advantage of their resources!

The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi-season series based on the stories of the gospel and the life of Jesus Christ.

In 2020, my sister mentioned to be in passing about the Chosen and I just had to check it out, which led me to binge-watching season 1 in a span of 8 hours!

The Chosen tells the story of the life of Jesus in the most authentic, raw and beautiful way and watching this series will most definitely ignite your faith and give you a whole new perspective of Jesus, the disciples and their lives!

Click the button below to watch season 1, 2 and newly released 3!

Popular Resources

Popular Resources from


Check out these Free Resources that I created just for you!

Bible Reading Resources

Reading the Word of God is the main way that God not only used to commune with us, but it is also the tool that allows us to discover who we are and what God has to say concerning our lives.

Here at UnScripted, we want you to be in the Word and develop a love for the Word of God!

Check out these Free Resources that I created just for you to help you be a Woman in the Word!

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a short guide that teaches and equips you on how to make your time with God intentional, purposeful and fruitful using 3 simple steps.

Book Overview & Bible Study Questions

This is a bible reading guide filled with questions & prompts to ask yourself, helping engage with the word, understanding the message of the scripture and how to apply it to your daily life.

Bible Study Worksheets

Looking for ample space to pen down your bible study or devotional reflections? Well, we’ve got you covered! Snag our free bible study worksheets and grow deeper in the word!


In June 2022, we launched the UnScripted Bible Challenge, a remodel of the 2021 Bible Reading Plan.

If you have you been desiring to build up the discipline of Bible Reading, or if you’re ready to ditch the laziness and complacency when it comes to Bible Reading and become a woman in the Word everyday, the UnScripted Bible Challenge is for you! 

This is a challenge where, as a community, we study a book of the Bible each month and meet for bible study to grow together in the word & in faith.


Check out these Free Resources that I created just for you!

A Study on James 3

Have you been looking for resources to help you study God’s Word? Or do you feel stuck when reading the Bible?

Then this study is for you!

In this ebook, we break down James chapter 3 and walk you through what the scripture means and its application to your day to day life. Get it now for free!

The Identity Workbook

Today, there are so many things that scream at us telling us who we are, what we ought to do to gain ‘approval’ or be loved yet still leave us feeling high and dry.

We live our lives not knowing who we really are look for the answers in all the wrong places.

Grab this workbook to learn & discover who you are and whose you are as a woman.

'Want to Get Saved?' Guidebook

Do you have a desire to know who God is? Are you wondering if this ‘Jesus thing’ is really worth it? 

Or are you seeking restoration for your relationship with God?

Then this freebie is for you!

Grab it now and get to experience revival and restoration in your life and relationship with God.


The Online Library Resource is an online library filled with over 10 different types of freebies, ranging from aesthetic home & lock-screen wallpapers, journaling printables, affirmations A4 sized printables, bible plans and so much more!

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