We provide an array of services to empower the woman seeking to live and walk in purpose.

Our main target audience is young women and we seek to not only help them grow and better their relationship with God, but we also empower them to step into their calling and purpose.

We all have a calling on our lives; an assignment; something that God has put us on earth that only we can do.

But many at times, we don’t know what that is.

Through our array of services ranging from free sessions, mentorship and courses that teach one all about blogging & business start-ups, we provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to step out and walk in your purpose.


What we do:

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One-on-One Sessions

These are one hour sessions designed for you to meet with Renee to receive advice, guidance on a certain spiritual matter or prayer.

If you would like to meet with Renee and be poured into, book your session today!


Here at UnScripted, one of our core values is mentorship Рwe believe in coming alongside other women and walking with them throughout this journey called life. 

We offer an 8-week mentorship course where you will learn and receive spiritual guidance, nourishment and get rooted in the faith.


At UnScripted, we aim to empower women to step into their calling and purpose, and that is what we aim to do with our courses.

If you’re called to ministry, content creation or business, we will walk with you and equip you, giving you the knowledge and guidance that you need to start out and establish yourself and your work.

From one of our posts...

"Many people think that submitting to God and being in a relationship with Him means you become a puppet and all He does is control and take from you.."

Yet it’s not.

God is a giver and as you give Him yourself, He gives you Himself and gives you who you really are.

And as you learn who you are, He also learns who you are!

"I have been challenged by the constant discussions in the UnScripted community. Be it on a bible verse or a certain culture in the church, the discussions motivated to dive into the Word and to spend time with God. It has been a constant reminder especially when I got caught up with life. And in that manner, it has been kind of an accountability mechanism. The UnScripted Community has been a huge blessing to me."

- Marie


Teaching and empowering women to be who God created them to be and to step into their calling & purpose


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