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We provide an array of services to empower the woman seeking to live and walk in purpose.

Our main target audience is young women and we seek to not only help them grow in faith & in their relationship with God, but we also equip and empower them to step into their calling and live out their God-ordained purpose!

Whether you’re seeking a community to grow in faith with; trying to figure out what God has called you to do, or you already know the sphere of influence He has called you to, through our array of services ranging from 1:1 sessions with our founder, free & paid resources, mentorship and courses, you will be equipped and receive the support you need to soar!!

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What We Do:

Read all about the services we offer: both faith & purpose related services, and click the one that best suits you!


Seeking to grow in Faith? Join Our Online Community!

At the heart of UnScripted is community: that is, bringing together ladies from all walks of life to journey together as we navigate this journey of faith.

Are you seeking a community where you will enjoy meaningful conversations, find friendships, accountability, experience revival and grow in your faith? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

Resources to Grow your Faith!!

Sis, when you subscribe to our newsletter, you gain access to our free online library resource which was made just for you!

The library is filled with over 10 different types of freebies such as phone wallpapers, affirmations, journaling printables, and so much more!!


Explore the UnScripted Shop

Filled with Holy Spirit inspired, beautifully authored and affordable resources & products that will help you be in the word, strengthen your faith and discover your God-given Identity.

Feedback concerning on our products..

"The study is simple, straight to the point and it EMPOWERED me.."

“The Rahab Study + the bundle is an amazing product that you have created! I love the fact that you offered just what you said you would: an in depth study into Rahab’s story. It is simple, straight to the point and it empowered me because at times I feel like I have lost the passion for Christ, but with this study, I am encouraged and more alive for Christ today than ever!”


1:1 Clarity Call

Are you feeling confused concerning your purpose? Are you searching for clarity concerning what God has called you to do, but you don’t even know where to begin??

Then our 1:1 Clarity Call session is for you!

Book a 30 minute – 45 minute session with our founder, Renee, where you will have an in-depth session with her as she speaks with you and guides you to help you gain clarity concerning your purpose & call!


UnScripted Shop Vendors

Many of you ladies are called to the marketplace, evident in the entrepreneurial grace given to you by God, and the business acumen you possess seen in the value you offer through the products you sell.

However, many of you lack a platform to showcase your products and the value you offer.

At UnScripted, we believe that we can bridge that gap, but we want to know, if this new idea we have will be beneficial for you and your business.


Online Entrepreneurship Hub

One of our new partners, a start-up based here in Nairobi is looking to establish an online entreprenuership hub, which will be a one stop for all things creative business & branding education, strategy and inspiration!

If you know you and your brand/ business would benefit from this, join the waitlist today!


"I have been challenged by the constant discussions within the UnScripted community: be it on a bible verse or a certain culture in the church, or other types of discourse.
When it comes to my faith, the discussions have motivated me to dive into the Word, and to spend more time with God, therefore, becoming a reminder for me & an accountability mechanism, especially when I get caught up with life. The UnScripted Community has been a huge blessing to me!"


Teaching and empowering women to be who God created them to be and to step into their calling & purpose


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