“My sheep know my voice, I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27 CSB

Does God Speak?

This is something that many of us have questions on. We wonder if God can really speak to us. Some of us see it as something that’s hard to experience- a mountain we have to trek before we get to the top – that it requires you to go through ‘something difficult so as to get to your destination; to get to the top’.

Well I am here to dismantle that mindset – that hearing God’s voice is such a difficult thing to experience, because it’s not.

So, Does God Speak?

Yes, He does.

God speaks. He has a voice, and He has various ways in which He speaks to us, namely His Word (the main way), Dreams, Visions, Prophecies, Words of Knowledge, songs, people etc.

All the above work in different ways but they all show that God isn’t limited, and He can use whatever He wants to get our attention and speak to us. I mean He used a donkey to speak to Balaam [Numbers 22:28-30].

Now, God can speak to anyone, be it a believer or a non-believer.

We [both believers & non-believers] ask this question: ‘does God speak’ but many of us delve into the topic being outside, looking within.

What do I mean?

My Sheep know My Voice.

Jesus says in John 10:27 that ‘my sheep know my voice‘ meaning exactly that:those who are His know His voice.

What does it mean to be his? To be in a personal relationship with Him.

So, if you aren’t in a personal relationship with God, how will you know his voice, yet he tells us that those who are his know his voice? So, again, how can you understand and know how God speaks if you are outside, looking within?

It’s not possible.

But I want to talk about this as I address the believer; the believer who has questions concerning this. The believer who is seeking answers on this but can’t seem to find them.

I will refer to the same verse in John 10:27 where Jesus says that my sheep know my voice. The principle is still the same: one has to be in a personal relationship with God to hear, know and understand His voice and how He speaks. The reason I bring this up (and I know I will step on some of your toes here)  is because many of us profess with our mouths that we are ‘Christians’ or ‘believers’ but our lives show something completely different [remember Jesus says that you shall know them by their fruits (of the Holy Spirit)]. Some of us think because we go to church, we are Christians. Some of us think by saying you are Christian; it makes you one.

It doesn’t work like that.

Honey, 80% of the world’s population is Christian, but how many actually live like Christ did? How many can you look at their lifestyle, how they talk, treat others and know that they are Christians?

There is a difference between going to church, saying you are a Christian and actually living a life wholly dedicated to Christ and it shows in the things you do.

Then, how can you hear God’s voice?

1)Being in a personal relationship with Him– that is when you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, surrendering your all to Him; forsaking a lifestyle that is all about you and pleasing ‘your flesh’.

You then begin to 2) Spend time with God– reading his word, prayer, having fellowship with other believers, watching sermons- you name it!

When you spend time with God, not only does he transform who you are, but you begin to know who He is. You begin to see and understand his character, how he thinks, how he sees things, how the kingdom of God works and throughout this process (which is never-ending, till Jesus comes back) you begin to hear God’s voice. You begin to experience how he speaks, how he reveals certain things to you, how he loves on you!

The thing is many of us think that God’s voice is standard- but it’s not, because it is a personalized relationship (personal relationship– ring a bell?), how he speaks to you is specific to you. How he speaks to you will not be the same way he speaks to me.

Therefore, for me to come here and give you a specific description of How God will speak to you and what to’s, doesn’t make sense.

A pastor once said that God will only reveal His mysteries to those who are His- those who are in a personal relationship with Him and seek him+ spend time with him. [Jeremiah 29:13].

So, you want to hear God speak?

Take time out to spend time with him (yes, there is the ways he speaks to us as mentioned at the beginning, but it is all personalized to you & your relationship with God). Sit at his feet, pray and desire to be with Him and I guarantee you, one of these fine days, you will hear him.

~Be Blessed!!

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