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Early on last week I had asked you all on our Instagram page concerning how has UnScripted impacted you.

I asked this question cause UnScripted has impacted me in many ways. And I don’t say this simply because I am the founder but because of the experience I have had so far.

This, right here has stretched me and challenged me in ways that I didn’t think it could. It has made me check my heart on so many occasions, pointing me toward Jesus on every other turn. It has taught me all about servanthood and the willingness to lay your life down and empty yourself so that you can be used by God to serve His kingdom and His people.

It has made me realize that the harvest is plentiful, but there are few workers in the field and we need more workers and I am willing to be a worker in God’s field.

Now, my close friend, who is like a sister (her name is Marie), to me sent me this testimonial.

I wasn’t expecting it and it touched me in such a deep way, leaving me speechless and continuously thanking God that at the end of it all, people are set free. That they are changed and they draw closer to God and He gets all the glory.

I hope that as you read this, it touches you as well and you realize you are not alone and we are all in this together!

“When I moved to sit next to Renee in class, the best thing I expected to benefit from was her intellectual prowess. What I got instead is a priceless friendship, an ear that always listen and someone who always encourages. But the most valuable thing I got was not material. It was a timeless, priceless gift – I got SAVED . I will not claim that she offered me salvation. 


Not at all. 

That desire as she came to teach me was from God and only Him. But I had had that desire for a while and it took a talk and a prayer one morning before class with her to truly make that decision to give my life to Christ. And it took another request from her to join Instagram for me to find a tool that would guide me in my faith more than I can explain – her unscripted account that would then transition into a website. 

How did her work both online and offline help me? 

I am an introverted person, I try to do everything alone before I ask for help and I put such high standards for myself that I find silly sometimes. I therefore struggled a lot starting afresh as a Christian. I could not understand why I kept on sinning. I kept on wondering whether anything was changing in my life and whether God even accepted me. I wondered whether I would become those Christians that get saved but nothing changes at all in their lives. 

Most of all, I struggled with giving myself and God time to work. I struggled with letting Go of control! It took again a talk with Renee and her telling me to see if her articles on her website would help. And that is exactly what I did! When I wondered why I could not recognize or hear God’s voice, her work told me to seek a relationship with God because only then would I, as His sheep, hear and know His voice. When I continued with sin and kept crying about how I kept on sinning, I was taught to give Him control. 

Utter and complete control. To give it all to Him. 

When I struggled at one point to let go of something sinful that I have not shared, her post spoke to me directly that I am really forgiven! When I was on the verge of wasting this period of doing nothing, guess what, her post of using this period of COVID-19 came right up and reminded me to spend most of my time with God. When I was in utter confusion, pain, regret and lukewarm faith, Unscripted was there to remind me who I am – A child of God and what I have been called to – A relationship with God! It reminded me that I am loved! 

And the best thing is knowing that Unscripted is a reflection of a God-fearing, pure, loving lady who gets all this from the Source Himself. That knowledge has made me come back each time yearning for this awesomeness that is surely from God. 

It might not seem like much, but Renee’s work has been with me in this short time I have been saved and I pray I have it to look at for a long time. Because it has brought me so much HOPE! And I cannot promise you to have the same experience as I have had, but what I can promise is that if you embrace this effort Renee has done, her work will give you your own personal experience that will surely have you giving your own testimonies! And above all as I tell her, it will give you HOPE!”

~If you would like to share your experience on how God has touched you through this blog, and through UnScripted in general, you can send us an email at hello@unscripted.co.ke. As you do so, kindly attach in the email an image of yourself and a short bio/description of who you are.

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