Throughout scripture, we see many verses that speak to us about honouring God, stating that in all we do, we should do it unto God, for His glory and for is His honour.

This same command and principle applies to the seasons that we find ourselves in – good seasons, bad seasons, waiting seasons – you name it – everything we do in such times ought to bring glory to God.

Honouring God means a number of things, one of them being that we submit to His ways and know that He has a good and wonderful plan for our lives (John 10:10). This requires that we walk in obedience with Him and trust His ways, even when we don’t always understand what He is doing.

When I was preparing for this blog post, I asked the Holy Spirit, ‘How can we honour God in our Singleness? How can I honour God in my singleness?’, and He responded with these 3 points:

How Can I Honour God in and With my Singleness?


The most important and most essential thing you can do during your time of singleness is to renew your mind; is to change the view/perspective that you have currently have of singleness and take up the view that God has.

That is what the Holy Spirit said to me – that the most important thing that we need to do is renew our minds. Why?

Because you operate from the mindset you have; you live your life from the thoughts and perspectives that occupy and have taken root in your mind and spirit.

That is why the Bible says that as a man thinketh, so is he and why Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart, we speak.

Sis, I cannot emphasize this enough: your mind needs to be transformed.

It needs to take the shape of the Word of God.

Bishop Allan Kiuna teaches this so well. He says that the thoughts you think and the mentality you have are like a box: the box in which you operate from and the 4 walls which you are limited to, and that you cannot experience a shift in your thinking unless you break out of that mental containment by transforming your thought patterns through the word of God.

And he is absolutely right.

You cannot expect to truly honour God in your singleness if you think of it as a punishment or God is withholding a relationship/marriage from you.

You cannot see the beauty in this time if all you’re doing is complaining and trying to meet your desires by watching Netflix rom-coms.

You won’t see the usefulness of this season if you think that marriage is where all the amazing fun and things happen.

Sis, we truly need to renew our minds, and do so through the word of God.

We need to strip off the thought patterns & mentalities fed to us by  this culture and world and take up the word of God as our one and only standard for how we view and treat singleness – as a season of purpose where God expects us to live each day intentionally and with the aim of glorifying Him.


We have seen the meaning of honouring God is to submit to His ways and the plans that He has for us.

Submission means to come under; to come under the mission, and in this case, to come under God and His mission, plans and will for our lives.

We need to come under God’s will and give up/let go/forsake the plans, ideas, mentalities we have concerning singleness (and our lives).

I know that sounds…a little bit too much. Like God is invading your space and you’re losing control.

But guess what? His plan is WAAAY better than yours.

He says in His word that His ways are not our ways: they are Higher; and His thoughts are not our thoughts – they are higher!

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts higher than your thoughts."

So, whatever plans you have for your life, for your singleness, for your future marriage; whatever thoughts you may be having concerning them – His thoughts are Higher than yours, meaning that his thoughts concerning you and concerning this area of your life are better than you can ever imagine. He is able to do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us.

Do you see that?

He does MORE ; SUPERABUNDANTLY MORE than you can DARE ask or think.

He intends to go over and beyond for you – with regards to your life, your academics, your career, your singleness and your future marriage. So why not let Him?

Why not submit to such a wonderful plan? Yes, it isn’t easy and requires sacrifice, but the glory and reward cannot compare to the suffering.

And sis, you have an assurance that God will definitely do superabundantly more than all you can dare ask or think, because He exalts His word above His name (Psalm 138:2b KJV – for Thou hast magnified Thy word above all Thy name.).

He says in Isaiah 55:11 that His word which goes out of His mouth will not return to Him void (useless, without result), Without accomplishing what He desires, and without succeeding in the matter for which He sent it.

If God has said it, it MUST come to pass.

But remember sis, you also have to submit to Him, His word and His ways.

So, submit your singleness to God. 

Dedicate it and offer it up to Him and let Him do what He wants to do in your life in this season and let Him show you what He wants you to do.

I promise you, the results that come from your surrender, will be worth it.

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Serve! Serve! Serve!

Sis, I cannot emphasize this enough, but SERVE!

Serve God – serve Him in His house, serve Him in your Home, outside your Home. 

Serve other people, share the gospel and love other people. 

Serve those who deserve it and those who don’t. Serve those who appreciate it and those who don’t – serve!

Serve yourself by growing your relationship with God, growing your relationship with you and getting to know what your God-given purpose is.

Get busy serving!

Note that I did not just say ‘get busy’ but I said ‘get busy serving’. This is because it is very easy to ‘get busy’ and think that you are productive and doing something meaningful, yet in actual sense you are just wasting time and wasting the season away.

We cannot afford to waste our time and waste the seasons God places us in, because for everything that we do and what we did not do and God expected us to do it, we will give an account – you will be held accountable.

So let’s start serving!

Let’s renew our minds and dedicate this season to God, and be the most fruitful people we can be during our singleness

Hey friend! Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope that this post and the 3 previous posts have challenged you and given you a biblical perspective regarding singleness!

Share with us in the comments below what you have learnt and what you will change from now moving forward, and remember to share this with another sister!

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