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The Book of James

The Book of James is a letter written by James (Jacob), the Brother of Jesus, and it is was one of the first letters to be written to the early church sometime between AD 45-47.

In this book, James gives us many clear insights on faith and walking in the truth.

The various chapters offers comfort and hope during persecution and trials, encouragement to remain faithful and obedient to God, and provides spiritual instruction and encouragement on important matters relating to the unity and life of the church.

James 3

James 3 is filled with insights to do with: 

  1. Teachers of the Word (vs 1)
  2. The Tongue (vs 2-12)
  3. Wisdom from above

In this particular study, we will delve deep into James’ wisdom with regards to teachers of the Word and the Tongue.

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James, at the beginning of this chapter, says that not everyone is meant to be a teacher of the Word of God, that is, to serve in an official teaching capacity.

He also shares on the need to tame the tongue and that we, as believers and followers of Christ need to know how to be slow to speak (James 1:19) and learn to use our tongues for good; to bless and not to curse.

But how come?

Because in our society (both then and now), we are hit left, right and center with false teachings and false teachers, who no longer revere the Word of God. And, we also use our tongues to speak death rather than speak life; to curse people instead of bless them, and the irony is, we aren’t even bothered!
We have become comfortable to the point we are no longer intentional about keeping a guard over our lips but speaking as we please. 

It’s time to indulge in retrospection.

Take a seat back and reflect over lives, using scripture as our standard and letting it shine a light on our shortcomings and weaknesses, so that we can receive correction, repent and align ourselves with God’s ways.

Features of the Study

This study is an exposition (comprehensive description and explanation) of James 3:1-12 which includes:

  • Goals of the Study
  • Resources that you will need to help you go through the study
  • Module 1: A study of James 3:1
  • Module 2: A study of James 3:2-12
  • Reflection Worksheets
  • Extra note-taking pages
  • Summary of the study

Grab a hold of this FREE study as we dive deep into the wisdom and practical insights shared by James in this chapter, where we break down each scripture, it’s meaning and message and learn to apply it in our day to day lives!

Still wondering if this study is for you? Have a look at what’s inside!

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