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In the Middle of the Storm

The Christian journey is one that features struggles, hardships, trials and test. Look through scripture and see that every man/woman who followed God went through some kind of difficulty or storm, including Jesus. And as much as these struggles are common, we do find ourselves, from time to time, shifting our gaze to the height, the width and strength of

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The Place of Jabbok

 The Place of Jabbok is found in Genesis 32:22, when during the night, Jacob, afraid of meeting his brother Esau (after what he had done to him years back, that is, deceiving him and stealing his birthright) decided to divide his camp, and

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Welcome to the UnScripted Shop!

UnScripted is a blog, online community and shop, and our mission is to teach and empower women to be who God created them to be and step into their calling and purpose.  For the longest time. it has been my desire to have

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Preparation | A Prophetic Word

On Saturday 17th July, when I woke up in the morning, I kept hearing in my spirit “Preparation…Preparation..Prepare.” and at first I was like, “What? What does that mean?” I had no idea what it meant or what God was trying to say.

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5 Lessons Learnt | UnScripted Turns 2!

On the 21st of June 2021, UnScripted turned 2 [yaaay]! And it has been an interesting journey!  A lot has happened in the past 2 years: lots of changes, growth and challenges as well (there can be no growth without any challenges) and

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Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Hello Ladies! It’s been a while; a month to be exact, but I am happy to be back and super excited to share with you all the amazing new content I have prepared! Now, I know many of you, especially those have been

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Are You Distracted?

Let’s to talk about Distractions, shall we? And let’s hit the nail right on the head and talk about getting distracted in our walk with God. Distracted with comparison (comparing our lives and journeys to those of those others); distracted with trying to accumulate

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A Freebie just for you!

The UnScripted Bible Reading Guide

Struggling with understanding the Bible? Feeling frustrated because you’re not gaining much from your Bible Reading time? Then this Guide is for you!

The UnScripted Bible Reading Guide is a bible guide that outlines key steps to follow, and questions to ask yourself that will equip you to understand the main messages & themes found in scripture, empowering you to study the Word with clarity and confidence.


Teaching and empowering women to be who God created them to be and to step into their calling & purpose


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