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Here at UnScripted, we create resources that encourage and equip to you remain in God’s Word. 


"You cannot know who You are, whose you are and what your purpose is, if you do not spend time in God's Word."

To know who God is and who He says you are, you you have to be in His Word. In order You can only grow and mature in the faith unless you spend time communing with the Holy Spirit through prayer, reading the Bible and worship. Also, to know the calling God has placed, you need to set aside time to read His Word and hear from Him.

However, reading the Bible can be a challenge. Developing the discipline of consistency can be difficult, and that is why, here at UnScripted we have created bible reading resources for you that are guaranteed to help you develop the discipline you need to remain consistent

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I. The UnScripted Bible Reading Plan

The UnScripted Bible Reading Plan is a topical-scripture based 12-month Bible Reading plan.

Every month, we study a topic/biblical principle by reading one scripture a day that is in relation to the topic of the month.

This enables you to remain in the word everyday as you learn important biblical truths, know more about your Father and who He says you are .

Moreover, we recently updated the the plan, which now comes with a guide on how to use it and worksheets to help you write down your reflections as you read through the relevant scriptures of that month.

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Still wondering if this is for you? Check out what the ladies of UnScripted have to say about the plan:


II. John Bible Reading Plan

The John Bible Reading Plan is a reading plan created for new believers to encourage & assist them to remain in God’s word as they begin their Christian  journey.

As a new believer, you don’t know where to begin when it comes to reading the Bible – it can be hard, challenging and even intimidating!

That’s why I created this resource just for you. The John Bible plan is a 4-week plan that will take you through the gospel of John, whose main theme is the Love of God.

Going through this plan will enable you to understand the love of God, slowly becoming rooted in it as you build your Bible reading discipline. If you’re interested, have a look at it and grab it today!

John Bible Reading Plan - cover image

Sneak peek of what’s inside!

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Grab a hold of the first book of the 20 Verses collection!

The 20 Verses on Protection is the first ebook of the “The 20 Verses Collection”, a collection of ebooks created by Renee that are made up of 20 verses, all promises and encouragements given to us by God in His word.

This particular one focuses on God’s protection. 


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