The November Bible Reading Plan:



The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, and He is the promised gift that Jesus said He would send after he ascended into heaven.


But if He is the promised gift of Jesus, how come, as followers of Christ, we ignore Him and choose to acknowledge His presence and His role in our lives?

~Hosea 4:6a

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge..


We don't truly know who the Holy Spirit is, neither do we understand His role.

The Holy Spirit is the key to an empowered Christian life; He is our source of help, power and strength as believers, but how will we know this if we don’t even know Him?

That’s why, for the next 30 days, we will open up the Word and allow ourselves to learn about the Holy Spirit, and why He is so crucial for your walk of faith.


Here is a Breakdown of what we will cover in the next 4 weeks:

Week 1
The Person and the Nature of the Holy Spirit

2 NOV - 7 NOV

In this first week, we will learn about who the Holy Spirit is: His divinity and distinction from the other 2 persons of the Godhead and  His nature and beautiful attributes.

Week 2
The Power of the Holy Spirit

8 NOV - 14 NOV

We will explore the Power of the Holy Spirit and how we have access to this power for an empowered Christian life.

Week 3
The Voice of the Holy Spirit

15 NOV - 21 NOV

The Holy Spirit has a voice, but many at times we miss it. During this week, we will learn how to hear, recognize and obey His Voice.

Week 4
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

22 NOV - 28 NOV

This week we will learn about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is an overflow of the Holy Spirit from within us and manifests in our lives through various ways, one of them being speaking in tongues, and learn to unleash the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power in your life.


A 3 Day Fast to seek after the Holy Spirit


At the conclusion of the fast, we will have a 3 day corporate fast to seek after the Holy Spirit so as to grow closer to Him and develop a relationship with Him.

It is one thing to know someone, and it is another to be in relation with them, and as believers, we want to be in relationship with the source of our power, strength and help.

We will gather together, commune and travail in prayer as we pursue the Holy Spirit and become intimate with Him.

More information with regards to the fast will be released on the 3rd week of the Plan.


"March’s Bible plan really helped me . I wasn’t doing so well in my devotional life and through it, I was able to kind of go back to where I was before . Reading about the faithfulness of God was really refreshing . I got to remind myself that He is good no matter what , He fulfills His promises and He is very loving . As this was my first reading plan to use, ticking the boxes next to the verses motivated me to do it everyday, it made me feel proud of myself for actually reading God’s word everyday and aiming to be better in my devotional life."



Why a Bible Reading plan on the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the promised helper that Jesus said He would send once He ascended into heaven, and He is the key to an empowered Christian life.

It is therefore an error for us not to know the Spirit of God and for us to reject Him at every turn.

But for us to acknowledge Him, we MUST KNOW Him - that's why we created this plan: so that every believer can know who the Holy Spirit is and His role in their life.

Is this plan limited to ladies only??

No it's not!

Generally, the UnScripted Bible Reading plan is for the ladies in the UnScripted Community and ladies in general, HOWEVER, we have opened up this month's plan to the general public.

The Holy Spirit is our helper as believers, and it is important for us; both men and women, to understand who He is and how He works, hence it is my recommendation that any and every believer should grab a hold of the plan!

Once I sign up, what's next?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email that contains the downloads you need for the fast: that is the Holy Spirit Workbook and the Bible Reading Plan.

Immediately you sign up, check your email and downloads the 2 pdfs. Also, move our emails from the promotions folder of Gmail to the primary tab, so that you can receive our emails immediately we send them!

What if I have a busy schedule? Is it possible for me to follow the plan/study?

The design of the Plan is quite a flexible one, allowing you to factor it into your busy schedule without any problems!

We will be covering one topic a week, meaning that you have 1 week to read through the each topic.

Furthermore, we have selected for you one scripture a day for you to read that is in relation with the topic at hand, making it easier for you to keep up and to follow the plan till the end.

Must I take part in the fast?

It is highly recommended that you take part in the 3 day fast. The aim of the fast is to take what we will learn in the coming 4 weeks and seek after the Holy Spirit and experience a renewal & revival in our relationship with him.


We will also provide you with a fasting guide to help you understand what fasting is, the benefits of fasting, what type of fast you can follow and the prayer points for the fast.


However, if you're unable to fast due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness, it is alright.



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